Samiya Yonis

Artist Statement
Samiya Younis's work is based on exploring her own identity and cultural displacement, inequalities between men and women within the Pakistani cultural traditions, how women are oppressed and repressed.

She works with mixed media ranging from fabrics through to plaster and silicone casting. The fabrics relate to the oppressive nature of traditional clothing wrapped tightly, constraining movement and individual expression. The plaster casting process embodies a controlled life and repression. The silicone casting process of body parts conveys women as objects, non-forms brutally repeatedly used and abused, displaying old and new wounds, violated for the pleasure of savage, dominating men.

Younis creates a mixture of paintings, drawings, and sculpture. The works are interpretive of emotions, experiences, tradition and religion, for example, forced marriage within her immediate family, as well as mental, physical and emotional abuse suffered at the hands of her family and partners. Her intentions are to open up and reveal these oppressive forces through processes of veiling, rupturing and exposing a hybrid of cultural identities. Younis's drawings are fuelled by her experiences and daily struggles, and her sculptures are combined realisations of thoughts, working methods and processes.

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