Sally Mair

Artist statement

An Unreliable Narrator
This is the beginning of a project in which I will paint the sky everyday of 2017. Words are scratched into each painting.The size of each is that of a postcard suggesting a sense of the familiar and of messages being communicated. When the paintings come together there is the possibility of something greater being created than the sum of the individual parts. 
I am interested in the documentation of the passage of time. I like the mystery of not knowing how the project will end up or where I will be at the end of it. Maybe I am finding comfort in the process of it at a time when I am uncertain and deciding on what to do next. I knew that I wanted to paint rather than document by photographing the sky. I wanted to show not necessarily truthful or be honest in a different sort of way by showing human inadequacies and influence. A personal way of presenting something that could have been scientific. 

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