Fashion Designer: 洪珂琼/Becky Hong

Becky Hong, fashion designer



School of Fine and Performing Arts, College of Arts, University of Lincoln.  BA


Fashion Womenswear, Royal College of Arts. MA



Artist Statement

Performance, Movement and Fine Art are the most inspiring things for me to get abstract feelings for my concepts. These creative expressions not only help me to develop and build up ideas, but also very much influence my choice of fabrics and materials. I always want to move the boundaries of what possible and i feel that my choice of different materials and also the way i work with them as experimental. I want to create different structures and shapes, and this experimentation and deconstruction of the world around me are what bring me my true inspiration and influence. In my art work, strong visual communication was always a part of my design response as i always start design from the head, manipulating the structures and silhouettes by cutting things up and rearrangeing them again, in a different way.