Artist: 王琳/Lin Wang

Lin Wang

Associate Professor, Art Design

Wuhan University of Science and Technology, China



Sep. 2004 to Jun.2007 M. S. in Art Design, Hubei University of Science andTechnology

Sep. 1995 to Jun.1999 B. S. in Art Design, Hubei University of Science andTechnology


July2011-present Associate Professor, Wuhan University of Science andTechnology, July 2005-June2010 Lecturer, Hubei University of Arts andScience,


Feb 2014-Dec 2015 Project director, Research on the aesthetic values of political graphic in the construction of the national cultural image, supported by the Humanities and Social Science Foundationof

Hubei Provincial Department of Education, China


Art Design and Exhibition

2003 《Process and Memory》, Selected Art Exhibition of Hubei province(Nominated)

2004 《Impression of Wuyuan》, 《Tibet Girl》, Graduate Students' Excellent WorksExhibition, HubeiProvince

2005 《Lanscape No. 1》, Small size landscape oil painting Exhibition, Hubeiprovince

5/2006 《Human body series》, Teachers and students exhibition, Rome institution of finearts, Italy


2006 Wang Lin Solo Exhibition, Hubei Institution of FineArts

2007 《Children Series》, International Arts Exhibition,Beijing

2007 Participated Wall Painting for Hon'an Revolution HistoryMuseum

5 /2008 Shadow Series, 798 Young Artists Exhibition,Beijing

5/2009 Destiny in Mirror, National University ArtsExhibition

3/2010 《Wind》"AppleTree"FemaleArtistsCharityAuction

5/2010 《Shadow Series》, 798 Contemporary Artists AssociationShow

6/2010《Shadow Series》, participated WUCHANG General Charity Association'sAuction

10/2010 《Blowing Wind》, Beijing International Chinese Artists ExchangeShow.

11/2011 《Shadow No. 10》, participated HonestyAuction.

3/2012《Who am I》, 798 Asia Arts CentreExhibition.

6/2012《TimefromShadowSeries》,ChildrenSeries,No.11/12,participatedChineseModern Young Artists International TouringShow.

5/2013 《Zen Series》, 798 International Art CentreExhibition.

 Manyworkshavebeencollectedbydomesticandinternationalartsorganizationsandprivate collectors.


Selected Publications Hubei Institute of Fine Arts

Hubeeii IInssttiittuttee off Fiinee Arrttss

7/2005 《Theory of original art's form and development》published in Xiangfan InstitutionJournal, volume26.

1/2009《Shadow,lonelyandpersistentlypursuing..》publishedWorldArt,InternationalCulture and

Arts Publisher,ISSN1813-93612

1/2009《Shadow, Big Fish 2》published National Arts (CSSCI), National ArtsPublisher.

9/2009《Fable》published Packaging Project (CSSCI), Chongqing, volume9.

1/2009《Shadow, Big Fish 2》published National Arts (CSSCI), National ArtsPublisher