Artist: 卢芳/Fang Lu

Oil painting is a language from Western world. How to combine western oil painting with the ethos of contemporary China, thereby express the inspiration of life and emotion, is a common question that every Chinese artist would think about, as long as he or she realised this cultural difference and willing to make a different expression without giving up his or her own cultural attribute.”

--- Fang Lu


Fang Lu was born in Hubei Province (China). She started her career as a fine artist in Beijing after graduated from Hubei Institute of Fine Arts at late 1990s. For over 14 years, she has been dedicated to recording her happiness and distress in life with paintings.


In the series oil paintings Pole & Kite, based on the reality and her own feelings, Fang Lu’s painting style gradually changed into abstract from semi-abstract and semi-realistic. She tended to find some representation that is related to Chinese culture through the series of changes.