China-Anglo Art Communication Centre (CAACC) is a culture and art communication institution which is officially registered in Gov.uk, Home Office, DWP and HMRC. CAACC is located in Lincoln, UK, founded by Annie Xu, PhD of Contemporary Art Curation, in 2016. As an independent curator, Annie has worked with many artists in her curations; as a lecturer, she also has experience in higher education of English teaching for over 15 years. This art communication centre aims to build a bridge for artists, art students, art institutions and galleries between China and UK. 

"The reason I built this communication platform is, during my research on contemporary Chinese art, I found that ‘language’ has become a gap to stop many Chinese artists to show their works to the world. Similar problem occurs on British artists presenting their works to Chinese audience. As a Chinese contemporary curator who studied and working in UK, I have worked with many artists and institutions in both UK and China. I  feel I have this responsibility and obligation to build this bridge for them."

--- Annie Xu

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       China-Anglo Art Communication Centre    (简称CAACC, 中文名称:中英艺术交流中心) 是在英国政府网、英国内政部、英国税务部和英国就业与劳动保障部正式注册并成立,坐落于英国林肯市的一家文化艺术交流机构,致力于为中英两国的艺术家、艺术师生、艺术机构以及教育机构提供艺术、文化与学术方面的自由的交流平台,并提供民间文化艺术交流活动的定制服务。

        CAACC的创办人是徐汝佳(Annie Xu)女士,现居于英国林肯市。徐女士是英国林肯大学当代艺术与策展博士,作为独立策展人,徐女士与中英两国多位艺术家在她策划的展览中有过紧密合作;作为大学英语教师,有15年的大学英语教学经验。

        “我建立这个交流平台的原因是,在对中国当代艺术的研究过程中,我发现语言障碍成为了阻碍很多中国艺术家向世界展示他们的作品的主要问题。类似的问题也出现在希望向中国观众展示自己作品的英国艺术家身上。作为一名学习和工作在英国的中国当代策展人,我认为我有责任和义务为他们搭建这个桥梁。” —— 徐汝佳